Happy New Year?

5 Jan
Welcome back to the office, my faithful little readership. It’s now 2010, and to celebrate, I’ve compiled a quick list of things I think you should do this year to make it just that little bit more interesting.

1) Identify the three words you’re guilty of using most often in daily speak and eliminate them entirely from your vocabulary. Yes, that means you are no longer allowed to refer to things as ‘awesome’.

2) Pick up a book you hated in high school and give it another chance. Maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald wasn’t Godawful after all. Maybe he was. But maybe he wasn’t.

3) Quit your job and get a new one. Our generation just isn’t cut out for more than an 18-month stint at any one desk. Don’t feel bad about it.

4) Read ffffound.com every single day before you do anything at work. Anything. Not because it’s some incredible resource you’d be a fool to live without – I just think you ought to be more cocky about these things this year. The cocky people around the office always seem to command the most respect. Why not begin by being a dick about basic time management.

… This tip isn’t about writing per se. But it’s probably the most useful piece of advice I can give you.

5) Make the switch from beer to wine and hard liquor. It’ll save you money in the long run, and let’s face it, you just can’t drink beer all night like you used to without feeling really bloated.

Thanks for popping back, guys. Have an awesome… oh, er… fantastic… 2010.


One Response to “Happy New Year?”

  1. Aimee January 5, 2010 at 4:43 pm #

    Here’s some more fodder for #1

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