What the hell is Tappening here?

8 Jan

Answer #1:
Tappening are environmental activists who have turned their collective attention to the horrific amount of plastic waste and ‘food miles’ generated by the bottled water industry. They see a bottle of water as a wasteful and unnecessary product that has evolved out of a general misconception that tap water is somehow of inferior quality. To gain traction and publicity for their cause they have created a website that features relevent news articles, videos, and even some of their own content. You can show your support buy purchasing one of their funky water bottles.

Answer #2:
Tappening is a couple of marketers who decided to leverage sustainability as a global coolhunting trend to create a reusable drink bottle and then sell this drink bottle to anybody prepared to believe that the purchase of such an item could in some way be politically charged.

Let’s give these blokes the benefit of the doubt long enough at least to check out their recent advertising campaign, which is really quite fun. It’s a vibrant and light-hearted jibe at The Man. In this case, one Mr. Bottled Water. Somewhat average strategy that is saved by fantastic execution. This is some really tight writing.

Tappening #1

Tappening #2

Tappening #3

I think it’s safe to assume the ads are aimed at a market that already understands issues around sustainability. It’s probably also safe to say that this is a market actively seeking solutions in the form of consumer products.

In spite of their efforts, I’m not sure these ads really do anything beyond positioning the Tappening brand. They certainly lend very little credibility to the anti-bottled water movement, if indeed there is such a thing.

And yet, for some reason I felt compelled to share them. I guess that means they’re great.


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