Pretty much the same as coffee.

14 Jan

Pretty much the same as coffee.

One day I hope to love somebody as much as I love coffee. Surely there is only one thing better than waking up to a nice, hot cup of coffee, and that is having someone pretty special wake you by waving said coffee past your nostrils and putting their new favourite song up real loud on the stereo. You stir a little, and complain a little. And they jump on the bed until you agree to get out of it, or until the coffee spills all in the covers, or something structural makes a bit of a cracking sound.

Alas, for those of us still active in the pursuit of love, such an individual may prove hard to come by. So where can we lonely souls find the perfect symbiosis of caffeine and romance? Clearly the answer lies in the involuntary crushes we seem to develop on the folks behind the counter at our favourite coffee shops. Yesterday the very charming new You Are Choice blog outlined a few of Wellington city’s top contenders.


One Response to “Pretty much the same as coffee.”

  1. Aimee January 14, 2010 at 3:54 pm #

    I may have to unsubscribe. All this heart tugging is making me regret being single!

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