You totally are.

9 Feb

Some things that are beautiful at this time of year:

  • 8:30 in the morning, when it is warm outside but the sun isn’t being offensive.
  • Tanqueray gin and Schweppes tonic with three bits of ice and a lemon wedge.
  • Assorted sunglasses on assorted faces.
  • The beach nobody else thought to visit on that particular Saturday afternoon.
  • Dear friends from abroad who have returned for all the summer weddings.
  • Right arms that are slightly more tanned than left arms courtesy of cruising with the window down.
  • Scratchy old Andy & Joey tracks that are unlistenable in winter, but a revelation when the sun comes out.
  • Red wine, cheese and the clammy embrace of a hot pink sun as it disappears behind the house.
  • And you, of course. You are totally beautiful. But that’s not just a summer thing.

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