Google it, noob.

10 Feb

Every year without fail the media goes mental over Super Bowl advertising. How expensive the spots were, how roll-around-on-the-floor-clutching-your-sides-funny the spots were, and which brands were able to shell out the big bucks in a recession to place their message amidst what is expected to be some of the best US advertising you’ll see.

But as anyone from a modestly populated nation will tell you, expensive advertising tends to be the worst. It’s the kind of advertising that fails to keep a tight focus on its target audience. The kind with the big production values designed to obscure the missing idea. The kind of advertising made by fat old men in suits.

This year one Super Bowl ad caught me off guard. Stunningly simple in its concept and production, it humanises the product in a way rarely seen. Hats off to Google for stealing the show with the cheapest idea, and without a doubt, the most powerful idea.


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