See the sun.

19 Feb

When it first got hot, around the beginning of January, I remember some girls telling me that retail in summer is about the worst job going. If your store is in the street, the air conditioning is almost invariably broken all season. If you are fortunate enough to be working in a mall, you’ll be entirely detached from the world outside. You’ll turn up long before the sun gets fierce and head home just as it’s giving up. I explained to them that working in an office is no different. That there is nothing more distracting than a beautiful day happening right outside your window. Happening without you. Bronzed bodies jacked up on vitamin D, who bounce about smiling at everything and nothing in particular. Who are these people? What do they do? How do they pay their rent? What fine decision did they once make, or what amazing circumstance were they born into, that allows them to wile away a weekday afternoon at the coffee shop, or at the park, or at the pub?

Why do they get to see the sun?


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