Iain Banks on the Steep Approach.

4 Mar

Here’s another installment in the slightly informal ‘get to know some writers better’ series. If you’re not yet familiar with the prolific Scotsman, Iain Banks, this interview may not be the best place to begin the relationship. For that I’d recommend his very first novel, The Wasp Factory. Delivering charm and disgust in equal measure, it’s an ideal way to desensitise yourself in preparation to receive the full extent of his back catalogue.

Banks writes under two names: Iain Banks (for his popular novels) and Iain M. Banks (for his science fiction novels). Naturally there is a great deal of crossover between the two, which is what makes both careers so exciting. If you already knew all that, and your bookshelves are lined with the stuff, this interview will be just your thing.

As he explains his writing process you get a real sense of his genius. To spit out the brilliantly topical Dead Air in a matter of weeks is unhuman. Just to set the scene for the interview, Banks is on a promotional tour for his novel The Steep Approach to Garbadale, which has been launched to the usual critical success.


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