15 Mar

The wonderful thing about naming a child is that it doesn’t particularly matter if there is another little Russell, Lizzie or Boris running about the school playground. As a matter of fact, most of us tend to form an inexplicable psychological attachment to those that share our name. But if you’ve ever tried to put a name to a brand you’ll know how challenging it can be to settle on a strong yet unique identity. Especially one with an available web URL.

The trouble is that any word remotely connected to the category is already in use. Pick a common phrase and you’re going to hit the same wall. Delve into the dictionary and you’ll be disappointed to find this dearth of available domains applies across most of the English language.

The only thing left to do is come up with some nonsense, right?

Enter Wordoid, the website that mashes words with the ultimate goal of naming your product or service. You’ll be glad to hear that Writish.com is available, which may be a far more appropriate name for this blog. Even Rewrited.com appears to be free, which in spite of its obvious grammatical problems is actually very cute.

It gets worrying when you realise how many nonsense URLs are also unavailable. Toothese.com? Taken. Flyshe.com? Taken. And my friend Pete from The Pie Blog will be disappointed to find that, yes, even Piete.com is unavailable.

If you arrived here looking for some advice on getting through the naming process with your sanity intact, check out Amber’s post over at Code For Something for inspiration. And remember, if all else fails, your new domain, Busingian.com, is ready and waiting for you.

Thanks, Wordoid.


2 Responses to “Whatchamacallit.”

  1. the_skies March 15, 2010 at 12:01 pm #

    I love this.

    Possibilities for the love is a mixtape website?

    And my pesonal favourite, mixtapersons.com

    • jonoaidney March 15, 2010 at 12:17 pm #

      In all seriousness, mixtapestry is amazing. Makes mixtaping sound like something that should be offered as a nightschool course.

      … in fact…

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