Five-second storytelling.

19 Mar

I’m tired of the thirty-second TV spot. Taking into account the inevitable four seconds of pack-shot, there’s barely room for plot or character development. By the time your viewers realise they’re no longer being soothed by the comfortable embrace of America’s Next Top Model, there’s about time for one cheap fart gag and you’re out.

And, oh, how I loathe the fifteen-second spot. The half-as-long, one-tenth-as-good, lifeless, limbless infant that remains when the budget runs dry. The spot you scribble on a napkin on the way to the meeting: up your sleeve, just in case. The one you never thought they’d buy, but they did. Now you have to take responsibility for it and bring it into this world against its will – against your will.

Once again the world of amateur video demonstrates how sharp, concise storytelling is done with these five-second films. Sure, most of them are about murder, abortion and substance abuse, but this is the internet.

So I was laying in bed watching a magician eat a bloody foetus when all of a sudden, an excellent business opportunity hit me. Watch this space.


One Response to “Five-second storytelling.”

  1. Aimee March 24, 2010 at 8:47 pm #


    I’m over 48 hours, five seconds is in.

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