Be the case study.

29 Mar

Revolutions in the marketing world are only for the brave. Being a brand that is prepared to instinctively embrace new trends ensures regular failure. It also opens the possibility of unprecedented success.

For everyone else, there’s the tried and trusted approach. Playing it safe is fine. But you must understand that there are plenty of other brands out there competing for your market share who are also playing it safe. In that environment, nobody stands out. If you’re an innovative company at the cutting-edge of product development there’s another thing to consider – by ignoring innovations in marketing you are communicating the very opposite of your promise.

Unlike art, business can be a cumbersome and short-sighted beast. Rightly or wrongly, many businesses will expect to see proof of a new advertising medium or technique before they’ll entrust their brand to it. The trouble is, by the time a convincing case study is available, the value in participating has been undermined.

Branded content is predicted to take a key role in the future of brand advertising. It’s nothing new. But right now, in a thoroughly saturated media landscape, where advertising-savvy consumers can actively seek content that is meaningful to them, the climate is perfect. It provides brands a wonderful opportunity to align themselves with ideas, stories, themes, causes, activities, directors, writers, actors, musicians, and other things consumers might be looking for in the endless pursuit of entertainment.

Of course, every new development in marketing requires some early experimentation. Absolut Vodka has taken an interesting approach by putting their weight behind the online release of the new Spike Jonze short film, I’m Here.

I’m Here.

It’s a quirky, cool and charming offering from a director who has cemented himself as the voice of the hip, young and influential. The cast is smoking hot (even as robots). The concept is original. There is no redundant product placement. And the branding itself? Tastefully unobtrusive. With thousands of new viewers every day, I’m Here represents a sophisticated case study for the online short film format.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind being the one unveiling my latest piece of work at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.


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