Guardians of the Internet.

14 Apr

The internet is a community. A gated community, closely guarded by 16-year-old boys who are slightly too intelligent for their own good. These Guardians of the Internet are an incredibly important force to appease when you are a brand trying to participate in the online space.

If your interactive campaign doesn’t capture their imaginations, they’re going to find ways to subvert it, and to destroy your brand in the process.

In 2006 when Chevy launched its Tahoe truck, it provided internet users the ability to create the commercial, using existing footage and a basic text editor. Pretty sophisticated for 2006. The campaign succeeded where many don’t – with so few barriers to entry, people really got involved. Where it failed was that, well… 16-year-old boys can’t afford Chevy Tahoe trucks.

The Guardians of the Internet set to work:

… and the very worst of the lot.

Yesterday, I stumbled across this Yahoo! Answers screenshot. It’s a beautiful insight into the sharp mind of a Guardian. It’s probably worth printing out and sticking up next to your desk as a reminder that if you take yourself seriously on the internet, you’re going to be savaged.


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