Be careful where your inspiration comes from.

20 Apr

A friend of mine is adamant that writer’s block is less like a wall and more like a blocked drain. The only way to get through it is to sit down with a pen and paper and clear out the pipes until you get your flow back.

Dozens of writing blogs list endless cures for the block. Go take a walk in the sunshine, watch a movie, smell an orange, do a backflip. None of those things sound particularly inspiring to me, although I’m sure they’re all perfectly valid procrastination techniques.

Perhaps the most extreme idea I’ve encountered on the subject came from an old Creative Director, who recommended international travel as only real way to “fill your mental toy box”.

If you’ve been a writer for more than two weeks, you’ve probably already worked out where your inspiration comes from. For me, it’s snacks. When I get stuck, I go hunting for delicious treats to temporarily take my mind off the task at hand. In fact, with the amount of money I spend on snacks, I could easily have taken a couple of international holidays this year.

But this morning I discovered the ultimate source of inspiration. I was sent a link to a Creativity Portal, where I stumbled upon the Imagination Prompt Generator. The result was breathtaking. To my amazement, I was prompted to write what will surely become one of the all-time great American novels.


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