Let me see your note.

27 Apr

Just in case you thought I was above posting stand-up comedy on The Shortest Word, here’s Mitch Fatel. This guy is probably my favourite US comic right now. Of course, no match for the genius of Jimmy Carr, or Mitchell and Webb, but it’s unfair to hold our American friends to that standard. Post videos of your favourite stand-up comics in the comments. Please no Bill Hicks.

Here goes. Some content may offend, etc.


One Response to “Let me see your note.”

  1. Brendon April 27, 2010 at 4:07 pm #

    My definition of favourite is ‘I wish I could do that’.
    So in terms of musical comedy, I wish I was Tom Basden:

    And as for straight stand-up, I wish I was Mark Watson.

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