How long can you ignore Bear Parade before it eats you?

3 May

Nobody knows what Bear Parade is. Maybe it is an online publishing house. One other possibility is Bear Parade is nothing. Here is a short story that made me happy.

Small Pale Humans by Daniel Spinks

Who knows what’s going right now in the States. From the outside, it looks like a new literary scene. It reminds me of Dada – whereby if enough people claim to be part of a movement, the movement exists. It all feels very manufactured. But then, what doesn’t these days?

Guys like Tao Lin and Zachery German seem to have either invented a new genre (meta-minimalism?), or perhaps have reached previously unknown levels of hipsterism, or otherwise are having a very public giggle at our expense.

Whatever they’re doing, it’s getting an awful lot of press, and I am jealous not to be a part of it. For example, the Daniel Spinks story, Small Pale Humans, provides lovely insight into a relationship with less depth than either of the people partaking in it. It makes you not feel quite so bad about being romantically unattached and emotionally unhinged. What’s more, it’s styled in a language I imagine my generation becoming rather fond of. The form rejects many traditional storytelling and conventional literary devices, instead employing a very casual, yet hyper-overworked sort of minimalism.

Here is the perspective of one critic, which may shed more light on the movement, if indeed it is a movement.

And just for good measure, here is Mike’s perspective on the whole scene:

I don’t understand why people print or read this crap. I know Tao Lin’s a lightening rod for criticism and generates page views, but seriously — is anything about this “good?”

Comment by Mike July 8, 2008 @ 2:07 pm


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