5 May

Before this post begins I must warn you, my faithful readers, that it is ever-so-slightly self-promotional.

This is Kate.

If you haven’t clicked the link yet, it’s a magazine that offers ideas on contemporary feminist issues. Although it’s published by the University of Auckland Students’ Association, it’s rather the opposite of an academic journal, which is a very good thing when it comes to feminist issues.

On editing duty this edition was the impossibly talented and incredibly sweet Rosabel Tan. All the contributors have done a wonderful job – even the online version looks fantastic, which is a rare thing in magazine publishing. And this is where the self-promotional part of the post begins.

I had the pleasure of providing this little piece of Kate. See if you can work out which parts are true and which parts I fabricated entirely. And then please peruse the rest of the publication. I assure you they’re all quality pieces. (Good quality, in case you’re a jerk like that.)

That link again, Kate.


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