The art of stalking.

7 May

When it occured to me that Google Maps could be more than just a navigation tool, I tried desperately to harness its powers. Once with an open map depicting Auckland’s more acceptable coffee spots. And later by tracing a bicycle route that included some of my favourite sights and sites.

Despite my good intentions, neither example gained traction. Which is why I was so impressed to see how far this online artist/prankster had taken his experimentation with Maps.

Jack The Twitter

The fun begins with a scan for Twitter users in his area. Jack waits for them to reveal their location. The moment they do, they become another marker on the map, and another part of his twisted tale. This is the story of a dangerous psychopath. A man who skulks about London inhabiting the fractures social media has left in our privacy.

> Jack The Twitter Blog
> Jack The Twitter Map of London

The true identity of Jack The Twitter is (somewhat sadly) no mystery. Meet artist, writer and general character of interest, Marcus Brown.


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