Zinefest back for a second edition.

11 May

If you didn’t make it along to Auckland Zinefest 2009, you must have been one of the few. The place was packed, stacked with great zines, and everyone was in an awesome mood. Behind the scenes, Tessa had taken a bit of a punt on the whole thing – it was the first time a self-publishing festival had been held in Auckland in years and there was no guaranteed audience.

But the promotion went smoothly and the day ran without a hitch. It was wonderful to see so many people to pour their souls onto photocopied pages and sell each imperfectly bound specimen for $2 a pop. The cupcakes were delicious, the bands were sweet, loads of people got stuck into the workshops, there was a documentary screening, plus you could screen print your own memorabilia. It doesn’t get better than that.

Auckland Zinefest is back for 2010. The organisers are currently taking applications from anyone wanting to give a talk, run a workshop, or tend to a stall. If you’ve got self-publishing skills to share, I highly recommend you partake in the festivities. If you have an idea for a zine, now is the time to get busy.

For the uninspired or just plain unmotivated of us, who would rather just turn up, eat some baked goods and peruse some great zines, I’ll be sure to let you know as the event approaches.


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