Show us your beaver.

3 Jun

Today I want to run an expose on women’s hygiene – a matter upon which I am grateful to concede a certain degree of naiveté. I’m going to show you four TV commercials, all for the same company: Kotex. And then one horrendous attempt at viral marketing.

Kotex makes tampons, pads, and various other items women wedge in unmentionable places to quell suspicious blood loss.

At some point, someone at Kotex noticed that advertisements about tampons tend to occupy the ‘rather vague and unimaginative’ category, and decided to be a little more… ‘in your face’ about menstruation.

Of course, when you make a decision to be different, you’re going to get it wrong some of the time. So here is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of girlie products.

– The Good –

– The Bad –

– The Ugly –


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