Where the funny ads come from.

8 Jun

If you’ve been with The Shortest Word for a while, you might remember the Skittles commercials I posted last year. They sit right in that vein of absurdity that only the very finest, very funniest ads out of New York City manage to occupy.

It’s a sardonic English wit, translated for a mainstream American audience. And it’s quite a skill. Many writers have tried to imitate the style, but the best examples are still the work of one man: Gerry Graf. It may be safe to call Graf the most consistently funny man in US advertising.

Before Skittles, Graf rose to fame for this work on a presumably disgusting cheesy pretzel snack called Combos.


One Response to “Where the funny ads come from.”

  1. funny images July 12, 2010 at 2:59 am #

    I luv funny ads and commercials! Neecdless to say that I also collect those including funny images.

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