Comic Genius 5/5: Indexed.

25 Jun

What better way to finish up web comic week than with a few analytics in graph form? Graphs that demonstrate the relationship between stupid and nonsense. It’s exponential!

So that’s pretty much what Indexed is – a bunch of silly graphs. Published weekday mornings as the coffee brews, it’s quite often topical, and quite often totally irrelevant.

Yesterday, the amazing Rosabel got in touch with one of her favourite comics, Left-Handed Toons – left-handed comics by right-handed people. It’s completely amazing and has left me profoundly depressed that I neglected to leave six places in my collection of Comic Genius.

I hope Web Comic week has brought you intense pleasure, and I promise to be back with something far more serious, with far more of a ‘real world application’ on Monday morning. Have a superb weekend.


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