The old schoolyard.

29 Jun

Cat Stevens is playing in Auckland tonight. Not that I have anything exciting to say about Cat Stevens. But I do like that one song about remembering the days of the old schoolyard. In fact, it forms the basis for today’s terrifically interesting piece of perhaps useless information.

Did you know that Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby went to High School together?

I’m not exactly sure what is happening in the bottom-left corner but it must be enchanting.

You may know Seltmann better by her ex-pseudonym New Buffalo. For her latest album the Melbournite decided that she didn’t want to rely on anybody else to achieve her sound, so she canned the fancy name and released it under her own. That being said, some impressive musicians feature, include Jim White (drums) and Beth Orton (backing vocals).

As for Throsby, she’s about the sweetest thing I’ve had the pleasure to witness. A refreshingly natural talent in a world of over-produced pop music. Hailing from Sydney, Throsby recently toured South America, where she has won unexpected fame as the soundtrack to a television commercial. No stranger to collaborating with some stunning musical talents, her most recent album features this haunting duet with Bonny “Prince” Billy.


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