This genre is #killingme.

5 Jul

I’ll confess, there’s a particular era of dance music that I can’t live without. If I had the choice to do it again, I’d love to spend my early twenties in London circa 1989.

But dance music is dead. Here’s why: The human element has been lost. The meaningful juxtaposition of man and machine has gone. In the age of computers, spitting out a dance track is something that requires very little musicianship or creativity.

Of course, I’m not talking about the genre-busting side of production, because there’s great merit in the pursuit of the new noise. But as far as your average dance music goes, the tools are just too readily available, too forgiving of amateur producers, too pre-set, too automated. Basically, there’s not enough to differentiate one track from another.

So while I can’t get behind the tune, I’m giving this interactive music video concept by Robyn three thumbs up. If you can sit through the first minute of the track, you’ll notice the words that appear onscreen are no longer the lyrics to the song, but are drawn from Tweets and Facebook status updates that include the ‘#killingme’ tag.

Yep, that means your Tweets become part of the music video in real time.

The coding isn’t quite there, so some of the stuff that pops up gets a little strange. But since I haven’t seen the technology used like this before, I can forgive it. Even if I can’t forgive the track itself.


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