Old Spice changes Social Media forever.

15 Jul

Remember the Old Spice ads I showed a while back?

Well, it seems that campaign frontman, Isaiah Mustafa, has further transcended mere mortality to become something of an internet God.

Right now via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, he is personally responding to questions from his adoring fans.

I like to imagine the team of copywriters hidden behind laptop screens and empty coffee pots, feverishly scripting responses, while their art directors are coaxing Isaiah to commit performance after legendary performance to the advertising hall of fame.

I bet it’s high-fives all round, all day and all night long at W+K Portland.

Expect this to destroy at award shows this year and next.


One Response to “Old Spice changes Social Media forever.”

  1. jonoaidney July 14, 2010 at 6:11 pm #

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