Say it in a way you’ve never heard it said before.

5 Aug

There aren’t many original things to say in advertising.

Especially when you market a product as generic as beer, it becomes pivotal that you find a remarkable way to express what’s likely to be well-trodden territory.

And when it comes to beer, there is no more significant trend right now than ‘natural brewing’. Every lager in the world is trying to pitch their ‘pure’ product as the soft yellow beacon on the black brooding horizon of rancid mass-produced over-preserved garbage.

The trouble is, it’s hard to tell brands apart when they’re all saying the same thing. Today I’ve picked out two TV spots for naturally brewed beer – one was made by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne and the other is from Barnes, Catmur + Friends, Auckland.

It’s interesting to see how each brand tackles the very straight-forward proposition of ‘natural beer’. (Note: Straight-forward, not easy.)

For me, the better spot is the one that strikes a real insight into the mind of the modern beer-drinking male.


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