Marc Johns vs. David Shrigley (Part 1: Marc Johns).

10 Aug

Marc Johns is a Canadian illustrator and author of the book, H is for Holy Crap. While he claims his work to be whismical, it often appears to teeter delicately on the verge of lunacy.

However you choose to describe his illustrations, you can’t deny their charm. They begin life as scribbles in a series of notebooks that Johns constructs himself. He explains that in a notebook costing nothing, there is no pressure to create anything good. There’s nothing at stake. Nothing to lose.

When it comes to writing humour, Johns is convinced that trying be funny is dangerous. Instead he aims to uncover simple truths and paint them in all their absurdity.

His work reminds me of a more polished David Shrigley. So I thought that tomorrow I’d take a look at some of Shrigley’s illustrations, especially the long-format written works.

Until then, have fun perusing the Marc Johns archives. Don’t miss the installation Trappings, which examines the extreme futility of trying to appear wealthy.


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