Validate their lifestyle choice.

13 Aug

You already know who your customers are and what they like to do.

And chances are they think of you in one of two ways. Either you’re a necessary evil – someone they’ve got to pay to sustain the lifestyle they enjoy. Or else they think of you as something that represents them and contributes to their own personal identity.

The goal of any brand is to cement itself in the latter category. Whether you’re in the business of fashion, telecommunications, banking, or even chocolate bars, the best you can hope for is that your customers think of your brand as a representation of who they are.

One very simple way to do this is to identify a basic truth about the way your audience tends to spend its free time (anything from playing video games to getting drunk and making out) and validate that lifestyle choice.

I don’t mean giving them permission to be themselves. I mean turning them into heroes.

Here’s a beautifully crafted spot for Puma’s new range of casual wear that does exactly that.


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