The best idea I’ve seen in ages.

24 Aug

We’ve seen plenty of funny Chatroulette videos go viral. Being able to pre-produce video and have it play as if it were a live webcam feed is not only ripe with opportunity, it’s really underhanded and cruel.

Perfect, then, for the internet – where an opportunity to be cruel is all anybody ever wants.

This is one of the most intelligent ways I’ve seen Chatroulette used in advertising. I first watched it late at night with the lights off and I just about peed my pants.


Paul White, head of the creative advertising course at AUT,  invited me to speak to his advanced copywriting class yesterday. I hope at least something I said was remotely useful. I had fun, in spite of a painful battle with Powerpoint, which is a useless tool best left to suits.

Here are the links I promised:


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