Talk to kids like they’re adults and talk to adults like they’re kids.

25 Aug

Kids love to see other kids achieve amazing, grown-up things. They thrive with responsibility because they haven’t yet begun to doubt themselves. So creating a campaign that hands an element of creative control over to a group of children seems like a perfect way to speak to their age group.

We adults, on the other hand, doubt ourselves every moment of every day. The unbridled imaginations of children constantly amaze us. Interacting with children offers us a chance to become part of that play world and clutch at dormant parts of our imagination no longer in use.

Seems like a pretty amazing premise to build creative upon. And a damn good way to sell Smarties.

This campaign is just kicking off, care of JWT Sydney. Based on the first two videos, I have high expectations. I genuinely cannot wait to see what happens from here. The videos themselves are not hugely viral in nature, but I expect the agency will throw a launch party for the final works, host them somewhere online, and even create a few TVCs once the campaign ends.

This is the first individual story to emerge. I truly expected it to be insufferable, but it’s very charming:


2 Responses to “Talk to kids like they’re adults and talk to adults like they’re kids.”

  1. Hannah JV August 26, 2010 at 10:22 am #

    Love it! That kid must have been a casting director’s dream.


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