If in doubt, use old people.

8 Sep

Juxtaposition is your secret weapon. It’ll get you out of a tight spot. Sometimes it’ll make some serious impact. If you’re going to be using it, you’ll probably consider featuring old people in your ads.

The great thing about old people is that they’re likely to be the antithesis of your youthful, vibrant brand. In fact, they tend to juxtapose just about everything. That makes them very, very funny. But not always.

Over the years, old people have been seriously abused in advertising. So if you’re going to pull out a pensioner on your next job, make sure you do it with originality and style. Check out this work from Y&R London.

While you may never sneak something this crazy/offensive/award-winning past your client’s raging paranoia, at least you’ll be able to leave the office feeling like you did something brilliant this week. And next week, when you find yourself sitting in front of just the right brief, for just the right brand, you’ll be able to whip those layouts from the bottom draw and say very calmly:

Thanks for coming.


One Response to “If in doubt, use old people.”

  1. aimee September 8, 2010 at 11:30 pm #

    I’m way too guilty of using kids in my work, but they look so gosh-damned cute when put in dystopian situations.

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