Kill the campaign. Do the right thing in one medium.

9 Sep

So, this month what we’d like to do is combine the online, radio and print budget and channel everything into a one-minute television epic. You bet we’re getting Jack Black. You bet people will care.

We used to treat campaigns as a catch-all mechanism. We knew most of our audience listened to the radio, so we put most of our spend there. But part of the audience were online, so we needed some web banners too. And a few weirdos still read magazines, so it made sense that we’d be there as well. Everywhere, the same message – the same words, in the same typeface.

Come to think of it, we’re still doing exactly that. But is it the best approach?

Remember when we used to talk about ‘water-cooler conversations’? Those conversations are still happening, but they’re not confined to the kitchenette. There’s a social web out there, and your customers are already a part of it.

I’m not encouraging you to spend your money on an online video designed to go viral – it won’t. But create one thing – a television ad, a print ad, a radio ad – that your customers can talk about around the ‘water-cooler’. Use what remains of your budget to point people to your masterpiece and seed it to the social web. Then sit back and count the free media dollars.


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