Have you heard? Whimsical is in!

16 Sep

Trends in advertising come and go. Or do they?

Two decades ago, advertising and marketing agreed that building an ’emotional connection’ between your brand and its customers was a fabulous idea. Fair enough, too. Those who took risks early on – companies like Nike and Apple – had built a real sense of lifestyle around their brands that customers were dying to align themselves with.

Then every other company decided it ought to be a lifestyle brand. Now we’ve reached an age where trying to engage with customers at an emotional level is often more important than the products we’re selling. The trouble with this approach is that there are some things people will never feel emotionally attached to no matter how much money you spend. And a banking institution is one of those things.

I’ve said it before – my bank does not reflect my lifestyle. I don’t need to associate my personal finances with delicately spun tales of whimsy. I don’t even need my bank to follow me everywhere I go. In fact, I hate hearing from my bank – it’s never good news.

Convincing me to switch banks will require a very logical decision to be made inside my brain. So give me a logical reason why I should trust your bank more than my current bank and then give me some time to think about it. Once you’ve got me interested, remind me occasionally that a couple of the things my current bank charges me for are a little bit suspect, and that you’d never do anything like that (even if you plan to slam me with fees somewhere I haven’t yet considered).

I’ll sign right up. I promise. And when I do, I expect you not to punish me for being a little bad with my money every now and then. You understand people, right? That’s what your ads say. So why have you charged me so much for that time I accidentally ran out of money while I was overseas and couldn’t arrange an overdraft? I thought you said…

… Pardon me?

What do you mean you don’t actually care where I go?


3 Responses to “Have you heard? Whimsical is in!”

  1. aimee September 17, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

    Hrm, appropriating the Dr Seuss book for your bank ad? It’s just not a good fit. Better than the creepy horse ads though.

    • jonoaidney September 17, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

      I guess at least I understand what the horse meant… Like, if I was building a house, he’d be standing in the front yard. If I was having a baby, he’d be hanging in the operating theatre, etc. Dr Suess is a step or two too far.


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