Sometimes there really is nothing to say.

20 Sep

Last week I got really mad at banks that have nothing to say in their advertising. I stand by my point – I choose a bank for very rational reasons. But there are many things I’ll quite happily approach in an irrational way.

See, what’s stupid about the idea of the USP is that not every product has a unique selling proposition. Sometimes your umbrella just prevents you from getting wet, your sedan just gets you there and back again, and your cider just gets you rat-arsed.

Seth Godin might recommend you re-think your product. A cow that isn’t purple is going to be a tough sell.

But this is where craft can truly shine. Fantastic copy or art direction can give an ordinary product an extraordinary personality. There’s more than one way to, um, purple a cow.

If your product has nothing to say, just form a very clear picture of its ideal customer in your head. And then, in the most stylish way you know how, say something they’re sure to find endearing.


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