“Advertising 101.”

24 Sep

It’s kind of an in-joke amongst the creative department of one particular agency. After weeks spent creating a launch campaign for a product that shall not be named – two weeks desperately avoiding the cringe-inducingly obvious play off the brand name – the Executive Creative Director returns from his surfing holiday.

He swans into the board room, dismisses any work his creative department is remotely proud of and demands that everyone now pursues the first avenue that comes to his mind.

“I shouldn’t have to tell you guys this,” he says. “This is Advertising 101: If you can play off the name, you do it.”

Within six weeks every member of the creative department had resigned.

This campaign for Panda Cheese is one of the rare occasions in recent history where “Advertising 101” has succeeded. I suspect only because it was pushed so far off the weird end.

Can you recall any examples, good or bad?


One Response to ““Advertising 101.””

  1. Sarah Finnigan Walsh September 24, 2010 at 9:30 am #

    Oh man that was so great. How someone managed to pull off such anger as a panda and still actually be intimidating is phenomenal. Great ad, love it.

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