Make yourself laugh.

1 Oct

See if you can coerce a chuckle out of your dark, cynical soul.
It’s a pretty good test.

Because if you’re laughing while you write it, there’s a chance someone else will be laughing when they read it. Of course, this method isn’t applicable if you are even slightly deluded about your abilities as a writer, in which case you possibly shouldn’t be employed as a writer anyway.

I take that back. If you get the opportunity to make yourself laugh, you should do it irrespective of any delusions you may have.

In your career as a copywriter you may only get one chance to work on a long copy campaign. Don’t screw it up. If you can get something nice away, you’ll probably win a whole bunch of awards for sheer ambition. That’s because nobody enters long copy at awards shows, because most agencies assume they can’t sell them, because they assume most clients won’t buy them, because they assume most people won’t read them.

But long copy is just like any other form of entertainment. This requires your audience to be semi-literate, which I hope they are. Not only for your sake, but also for the publisher of the magazine your ad is placed in.

So if you’re having fun writing it, chances are it’s funny. And if it’s funny, people will read it. A wonderful example I discovered recently is this bizarre series of life lessons from Appy and Grappo Fizz, the weirdest professors in the universe.


One Response to “Make yourself laugh.”

  1. Tessa October 7, 2010 at 1:56 pm #

    It doesn’t hurt that this looks pretty fun too!

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