Superbowl: Coke vs. Pepsi.

8 Feb

The Superbowl is always responsible for the year’s most expensive ads. Often they’re the ads that win at the big US award shows. Sometimes these ads are only made to play once. Last year a 30-second spot cost $2.6m. This year, spots cost $3m. In return you can expect a fairly captive audience, estimated at around 90,000,000 people. The best thing about these spots is that the ad breaks have become a media event in themselves.

Here’s one of this year’s Coke spots, ‘Border’.

And here’s a reasonably similar Pepsi ad from the 1995 Superbowl, which I much prefer.

Coke followed ‘Border’ up with a stunning production epic called ‘Siege’.

Which made the Pepsi ad look totally low-rent.

In 2010, Pepsi announced that instead of dropping US$33m on a Superbowl ad (as they did in 2009), they would fund their Refresh Project – a cleverly community-centric initiative, which in the eyes of many media commentators “won them the Superbowl”.

Maybe they should have stuck with that winning formula. What do you think?


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