Superbowl: Chrysler vs. Audi.

9 Feb

To make diamonds takes time. It’s the same for luxury brands. Think of the finest luxury vehicles, the most desirable watches, the most reputable fashion houses. The common ground they share is the years, sometimes decades, spent crafting those luxury cues.

So how do you be a luxury challenger brand?

This might be the toughest challenge in marketing, but I think Chrysler nailed it in their Superbowl commercial. Here they take a symbol of new luxury (rap superstar Eminem) and a symbol of great American manufacturing (Detroit’s fist memorial) and thrust them together to represent something inherently American, something inherently capitalist – social mobility. They develop the idea that the middle class is something to be escaped from, and they associate the car with this aspiration.

So a Chrysler is the trophy you get for rising above the position you were born into. It’s the American Dream, plain and simple. But that’s how you challenge luxury.

Ladies and gentlemen, as much as I love the Audi brand, this is not how you challenge luxury.


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