Why I don’t trust banner ads.

16 Mar

When the earthquake struck Christchurch, we had to pull an ad from the NBR website. It said: “Honda CR-V. The wobble-free SUV.”

Inappropriate, right? Well, it was us that found it. Not the media company. Not the website. It would’ve been great to receive an early tip-off that our jiggle-happy banner ad was now sitting directly above images of a wobble-ravaged city.

But these days I don’t hold a grudge. This shit can all be forgiven. First time round. You’d think the first thing media companies would do after experiencing such a catastrophe is pop some simple systems in place to make sure those inappropriate placements were avoided in future.

Nope. Case in point below. Breaking News: Christchurch loses its Rugby World Cup games on account of quake damage. Oh, and also Breaking News: The guys from Rugby Heaven are insensitive assholes about it.

Nice one, internet. I thought you were supposed to be immediate and topical in a helpful way.


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