If you want to change my behaviour, show me a more attractive alternative.

28 Apr

You might have heard me rant about the ‘Mantrol’ advertisement before. I’ve always been a sucker for a solid, logical argument. You can see the holes in this one from space.

Note that most of the examples of ‘mantrol’ are actually examples of young guys pulling off extreme things that push their physical limits. The very reason young guys like to speed.

In fact, this ad kind of makes me want to take Dad’s Mitsubishi Lancer out the back of Stillwater to see how quick I get back into Browns Bay. Fuck yeah, I’ll stay in mantrol the whole way.

This epic sliver of cinema, on the other hand, I can quite comfortably get behind. Not only will it save me from being part of a potentially gruesome carwreck, it might also encourage me to take more care when the stomach ulcers threaten.


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