Demonstrate the problem.

7 Jun

Nice stuff from Canada. This was my favourite piece of outdoor this week.

“But wait, Jono,” you say. “There’s nothing new about this here poster that leaks fluid when it rains. Don’t you remember the magical Bleeding Billboard of 2009?”

Yeah, but this is better. And it’s a cliché, but it really is the little things that count.

The clean layout, the stripped back colour scheme, the way the liquid literally affects the posters beneath it, the gradual reveal of the message (which I adore in the context of street posters), the way they’re all lined up like that. I never liked the way the Bleeding Billboard at its very essence was designed to draw your eye away from the road, which seemed strategically flawed to begin with.

Plus, it’s amazing how beautiful an outdoor ad can look down the lens of a Canon 5D MkII.




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