Do something nice for people and film it.

12 Apr

There’s an old ad adage that goes: don’t say it if you can show it. And an even more conventional chunk of wisdom that says: actions speak louder than words.

Sometimes in our media-focused (because that’s where the revenue is generated) industry we forget that scale is… well… a sliding scale. That the opposite of ‘big’ isn’t ‘bad’. Intimacy, is what I am talking about.

Intimacy helps intense moments to translate brilliantly to film. Humans like to see human faces responding to experiences in a way we can relate to, whether those things are positive or negative. It’s why hidden camera TV shows won’t go away, and why there are so many crowd shots in the broadcast of sports games. It seems even the most hardened advertising cynic remains susceptible to a smile, a wink, a cringe, or a cower.

As advertising production budgets drop steeply into oblivion, it’s nice to know that capturing real moments on an intimate scale can still go head-to-head (for eyeballs, and at a creative level) with the traditional epic TV spot. And sometimes they’re more fun to make.


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