Kid builds arcade. Cuteness ensues.

12 Apr

One of my (myriad) pet peeves is blanket inspirational statements about the nature of creativity in business meetings. We’ve all let them slip sometimes, but I can promise you this: I will never expect you to push the envelope, think outside of the box or embrace a childlike imagination. That kind of talk is strictly the domain of those who have never pushed the envelope in their life. They’ve never even doodled on an envelope. In fact, why do we even let these people into meetings?

But hypothetically speaking, if I did tell you to think outside of the box and embrace a childlike imagination, I would expect you to come up with something as cool as this.


This nine-year-old boy took over the front of his (very sweet) father’s auto-part shop and fitted it out with a fully functional arcade parlour made from cardboard boxes. Naturally, cuteness ensues.

It’s weird to think that a child could be filled with such lofty ambitions, but it’s totally adorable that the problem was solved in such a tactile, resourceful way. Forget paying adults to think like children – maybe we should be paying children to think like adults.

Caine’s first (and, for a while, only) customer just so happened to be filmmaker Nirvan Mullick, who decided to arrange a special surprise for the kid. Here’s the video:

That’s right, he’s nine and he has his own DIY arcade. How’s your novel coming along?


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