We don’t care who you are, we care what you say.

7 Jul

Lovely to see a wine brand with the confidence to put its messaging – it’s mission – ahead of its brand.

Wine branding seems to exist on a sliding scale, with refined exclusivity at one end and democratic irreverence at the other. I never quite understand why wines that aren’t high-end pretend to be. Nothing stinks of cheap wine like an under-resourced attempt at premium production values.

So I’m always curious to see how brands at the affordable end of the spectrum – the ones with names you don’t recognise – go about differentiating themselves. Supermarket quality wine is, after all, a rather generic product. Aside from the tried and true wine buying tactic that is searching for the expensive bottle with the largest discount, the only reason anyone might pick up your bottle is that they like your attitude.

I like your attitude.



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